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Can anyone tell me what they think of the Honeysuckle Rose Moisturizing Conditioner?
3B very thick long colored corkscrews
Anyone ever used this?
3B very thick long colored corkscrews
Anyone ever used this?
3B very thick long colored corkscrews
I used it and I liked it for my 3c hair.. It smells awesome and it's pretty thick. Not a lot of slip though when distributing through hair.
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Thanks for your reply. What do you like? My hair is sooooo dry & brittle right now, I need super moisture!
3B very thick long colored corkscrews
I haven't used that one but I've tried the White Camellia conditioner. It moisturized my curls really well and IMHO it smells lovely.
I absolutely love this product. I use it for deep treatments, instant conditioning and a leave-in. It leaves my dry 4a very soft. It doesn't have any cones, proteins, or other nasties so I am very happy with it.
thin, fine, 4a
I used this and other Aubrey products a long time ago. I loved them, but needed alot, and the bottles were too small & too expensive to use too often. Great quality of product, IMO, though
I used all the shampoo and conditioner by aubrey and honeysuckle for dry and brittle hair is the best of the best, i love this product more than any of them.

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