3b hair is changing

Hi everyone! I'm new to this and have had all natural curly hair for about 5 years. I used to relax it in high school and then i chopped it all off to grow out natural.

My curls are changing this year. Less like ringlets and spirals now they are more like waves with frizz!

I cowash with hair one weekly, use argon oil everyday but my hair has been losing its curl. Any tips or thoughts? Anyone else went through this?

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I can't speak from experience as I don't co-wash, but some people don't get on well with co-washing and seem to have these sorts of problems.

Try clarifying your hair, as you could be experiencing build-up. But if not I would suggest switching to a moisturising low-poo and seeing if your hair responds better to that.
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I second what BotticelliBrit said. Try clarifying and see if that helps spring your curls back up.
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You don't mention what you're using to co-wash. Are you also conditioning as a separate step? What are you using as a styler?

You'll get the best, most on target advice about specific products and techniques if you could tell us what your hair properties are. Is your hair fine, medium, or coarse (texture)? Does it get wet/dry quickly or slowly (porosity)? Any sense of how elastic your hair is, i.e., does it stretch, bounce back, or snap easily? And is your hair fine or dense?

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Thanks for the tip about clarifying shampoo. Ill try that. Any brand suggestions? Or can I just use any regular shampoo?

I am washing my hair with almond mint hair one (wen knock off). I also use a deep conditioner a few times a week. It's an argan oil treatment.

For styling I use "it's a ten" leave in conditioner, argon oil, and garnier fructis curly mousse.

Its so weird because my hair in the front and top layers are curly at the scalp and straight on the bottom. My sister thinks it's from the last time I had my bangs cut... my hair was straight then (instyler). Can a cut take away the curls?

My hair straightens easily. It gets dry easy... I think medium porosity. Its not thick... medium to fine at times.

I do straighten it about twice a month. I use alot of heat protectors but I'm sure some damage is probably done.

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A couple of the products you use, I have used also and find them very "smoothing." The Wen knock-off and It's a 10 could be contributing to making it look straighter. I've been out of the curly girl routine for quite a while so hopefully someone can recommend something for clarifying. Once you have clarified maybe try something without silicones also. My hair is similar to yours (straightens easily, etc.). I will probably use a sulfate shampoo (one final time) to clarify, use a deep conditioner and start with my LA Looks Gel again until I can replenish my curly girl items. If you are interested in going the no silicone route, you might want to check out waterlily's youtube channel and she has a good video on starting out.
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I'm glad hockeymomof3 had a clue about your products because the information you gave wasn't sufficient to pull information up about any of the products that you mentioned.

I agree that you need to do a clarifying, silicone free, sulfate poo, but would add that I think you'd do best to avoid products with silicones in them, and try the CG method (as explained, illustrated and videoed in Curly Girl: The Handbook). J&J (brand) Baby Shampoo (but not all baby shampoos), and any of the Suave Naturals shampoos, or of the VO5 Herbal Escapes or Moisture Milks shampoos (not just any Suave or VO5 shampoo, but these specific lines) would work.

A cut can take away curl for some people. Mine sometimes seems to go into shock for a couple of weeks after a cut. The products used in the salon can also do that, especially if they contain ingredients which cause buildup, like silicone(s) and polyquaternium(s), or petroleum derivatives. Heat styling can do that too.

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Lots of 'cones going on in ur routine. Try the "Curly Girl" or "Tightly Curly" method

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Hi everyone! I read the curly girl book and I have been going CG for about 5 days. I got rid of all my alcohol and silicone products and took the forums advice and brought V05 Pomegranate conditioner and I am trying just co washing.

I feel very confused because my hair is so different. I do not even know what curl type this is. I ordered curl keeper online and i am going to try deva curl low poo once a week. What else can i do to enhance my curls.

Right now I am conditioning with V05, detangling with my fingers in the shower, hand squeezing extra moisture out and plopping for 20 mins... then air dry. I want to enhance my curls. ... they just seem way. ..and i want my volume. Any tips please! !

Also what type of curl is this?

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Here is a before and after when i started cg after on the left, before on the right.

The second is apic today

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How is your CG journey going? Are you getting more comfortable with your curls?

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This happened to my hair once, I went from 3b to 2b. At that time ( this summer) I was just learning what my hair liked, but the more I learned, the straighter it got. Once I started using Deva Curl it started curling more, Lorraine Massey say's behind every wave is a curl, and back then I thought the deva curl gel was magic, but honestly I don't think that's what did it.
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Thanks for the supporter... my journey is going great! Here is a pic ...

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It's looking good! I think it's 3 a or b. it definately looks healthier & more moisturized.
Thank you Annie! I had to cut off some straight ends bc they had heat damage. ..but I feel so good about my hair and get compliments almost every day! :-)

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Isn't it nice to actually learn about your hair & how to make it look better and be healthier?! It makes such a big difference.

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