Hot young curly hairstyles?


Idk which hairstyles will appeal to women. So, can I hear some thoughts? I am a straight young male, with medium hair length. [spoiler for Revolution?] I was thinking Jason Neville from Revolution's hairstyle is cool, and maybe that would be attractive. If this is the wrong section, let me know/move it. don't know, really. just really need help...Only thing I do with my hair is make it matted and gell it down. My hair gets really out of control sometimes, sigh
Definitely like his hair. Looks touchably soft and he's such a cutie!

SOMEtimes Joseph Morgan's hair is amazing too. It's a little longer than JD Pardo's and they have different hairlines. But he rocks the purposefully messed look.
#1 Recommendation: "Search NaturallyCurly" search function for great info
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