Porosity and polyquats

I was just wondering if there might be a connection between porosity and polyquats. They seem to be my biggest enemy as they build up like crazy on my low porosity hair. I know the same goes for kathymack and sixelamy, who both have low porosity hair as well if I remember correctly.

Is it perhaps possible that curlies with high porosity do not experience as much problems with polyquats because it might be absorbed more easily instead of forming a film?

What are your experiences with polyquats and how do you think this relates to your porosity?
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I am higher porosity and they do give me trouble, but I can usually get it out with a lowpoo. I know some people have to clarify multiple times to get rid of them. Your theory makes a lot of sense to me!

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My hair is colour damaged and definitely not low porosity but I believe I had polyquat build up.

Check out the Sciencey Hairblog for articles on which ingredients can penetrate and on polyquat build up. If nothing useful maybe contact the author (IAgirl here on NC).
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I have low porosity hair and they build up on me like crazy. They make my scalp gunky and cause my hair to frizz when wet, which just gets worse when it dries. I had to clarify 5 times, and am still having minor issues. Your theory makes sense, because high porosity hair might suck it up easily. Maybe people with normal or higher porosity, but fine hair have issues too because their hair is affected by buildup more easily. Not everyone has to fit the characteristics, but there does seem to be a pattern.

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