Virgin Anti-spot cream

This is a cream for the face. Some of you may be familiar with the hair "fertilizer" or grease. The face cream is not sold in U.S. I had to order from the UK. It works for blemishes, burns, acne scars, etc. But im not sure how many times per week it should be applied. It started to really really irritate my skin as I was using once a day at night only (it does not rub on clear). I finally ran out of the product just in time too because the irritation was too much. but i like how it was working the first two weeks. I used it for about a month before I finally ran out. So if anyone has heard of this cream or has tried it please share your experience with me. Thanks!Virgin Anti-spot cream-imageuploadedbycurltalk1392878188.622307.jpg
Been googling to try and find out more about this cream. I really love how it worked for my dark spots at first. I dont know why my skin hates it now. If anyone knows more about this cream plz fill me in!
Giving this cream another try since Ive recently had some wild breakouts. This time I will use only the cream an no other product with it. I hope my skin will like it this time....nervous....😬

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