Braids and twists out

Ok so i'm new to being natural. and i did the big chop and now i have a cute little fro and i love it. but the thing is my hair hates braids out and twists out and almost ever protective style there is, I know im not supposed to always wash and go but it seems thats the only style i can do. i feel like my hair is just going to dry out soon. And i was wondering if there was anything i can do to help my hair curl right with the braid and twists outs or even a new stlye so i dont have to keep washing my hair 4 times a week.

Also i have 3b/c Hair
I have this same problem- I hit my one year mark this past December. I do wash and gos I would say 98% of the time. My hair grows just fine and maintains moisture just fine so I wouldn't worry as much right now. When I do twists I have to put a perm rod or some way of securing my hair at the ends. Sometimes this is a bantu knot or a pin curl which works ok. I also have noticed that I need to kind of let my twists "unravel" a bit before I finish and secure them- they have to be very loose. Braids I just have to secure before tgey unravel.

Out of curiosity, do you have fine textured hair and/or a lower density of strands?

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