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Default Flatter on one side?

I seem to have troubles getting nice curls on the left side of my head lol. My right side will look GREAT and the left side is... a bit droopy. Does anyone else have this problem?
I spend a lot of time being frustrated with it and trying to fix it, but I'm thinking probably no one else even notices...

I do style my hair at night, so this is slept on hair. I don't really sleep on that side of my head though... actually I really mostly sleep on my back, and the back of my head usually looks just fine. Go figure.

I can't decide if this is a styling problem, or just the way my hair is and something I need to accept.
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By droopy, do you mean that side of your hair is flatter or that side of your hair has less defined curls?

If it's flat, then you could try pumping up the volume with a pick comb. I use one that looks like this: http://www.paulmitchellthesource.com...mb-480x480.jpg

When I do a twist-out, the next day the twists are flat because I slept on them. The comb takes away the flatness and adds volume. Using the end of the comb (the end with the picks), I stick it in my hair (after I've taken down the twists) and wiggle it up. I keep doing that to whichever parts are flat until they're no longer flat.

Maybe if you do that to the flat side of your head it will look of equal proportion to the other side.
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How do you part your hair? If its to the side then naturally the side with the part will have more hair than the other. I think it also depends on the distribution of styling products and if you have different curl patterns.

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The right back quarter of my head is much, much less dense and flatter than the rest of my hair. Everyone had different densities and curl patterns all over their heads so it's not super unusual.

One thing I'm tried lately is just letting my hair naturally part itself instead of trying to wrangle it one way or the other, and it tends to clump more evenly and look more balanced that way.

Otherwise you can just pay extra special attention by diffusing, picking etc.
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Less defined, that's the term I'm looking for That side is just lazier and straighter, honestly some days it looks like I just completely forgot to style the left side of my head LOL.

I do part my hair towards the left - that's how my hair naturally parts, and it's really more "slightly off center" than anything, because it's not over to the left much at all.

Hmmm guess I'll keep experimenting....
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Old 03-11-2014, 10:36 AM   #6
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Thank you for starting this thread! I have this problem as well but in reverse. It is the right side of my head that has the flatter curls. The curls on that side are looser than on the right and so they hang more and have less volume. As my hair is getting longer it is actually getting more noticeable because the weight of those curls are pulling them down even more.

Originally Posted by aspen View Post
One thing I'm tried lately is just letting my hair naturally part itself instead of trying to wrangle it one way or the other, and it tends to clump more evenly and look more balanced that way.
This is a great idea! I am going to have to try this.
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I have this problem too. The funny part is, the side that is flat is the side I part on, that has more hair. Maybe I need to adjust my part more over to the left than it is. It's so frustrating!!
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My hair does this, too. One side always looks pretty full and the other, flat and limp. I can't get them to do the same thing every day. It's annoying. I also part down the middle which is where my hair naturally wants to part. It helps a lot but still isn't perfect.
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Glad I'm not alone! I tried to get pictures today but bad lighting + me being a zombie in the morning when I get ready for work, they didn't turn out.
But it ended up being one of those days where I just decided to throw my hair in a ponytail because the 2 sides of my head just looked way different lol.

I'm noticing that even when it's wet, straight after applying product, I can tell it's not as curly on that side. So annoying.
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So, miracle of all miracles, I did an overnight plop last night and got some better definition on that bad side. As a whole my hair wasn't perfect, I still need to master the plop, BUT I didn't need to put it in a ponytail today so that's a good sign
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Have you tried switching up your parting? Maybe a middle part, or putting it on the other side entirely?

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The underside/underlayer of my hair is straighter than the hair on top...I part my hair on the side, so that underlayer is showing on my left side because I've flipped the curlier top layers over to the right. I usually spritz/apply more curl activating products on that side (JC Rockin' Ringlets or Gelebration, AG re:coil, got2be kinkier spray gel, etc...basically anything with Epsom salt/magnesium sulfate) and then scrunch like crazy. It never quite evens up with the curlier side...c'est la vie.
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