What's the point of a RO conditioner?? if leave ins are the same thing, but h2o down?

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Originally Posted by grantswanson
I actually use a RO conditioner as a co-wash. I will post my "routine" so you can see what I do both with RO conditioner and leave in.

I will re-post my co-washing method that I have posted here before. The only other thing I do now that wasn't in the post before is after washing and before pinning my hair up (so I can apply my makeup) I apply four pumps of Suave Professionals Natural Infusion Light Leave-In Cream and rub that completely through my hair. Then I pin it up so I can apply my makeup. After my makeup is on, I take down my hair, spray it with my leave in conditioner, and style.

I don't totally do CG but what I have been doing has not only increased my curl significantly, but my hair also sparkles and looks very clean. I never had a "dirty" look.

I started co-washing with Suave Rosemary Mint conditioner six to eight months ago. I don't ever use a shampoo unless I've put some product in my hair that made it feel yucky (and lately I've not been putting much in my hair). I make a leave-in conditioner spray with the same conditioner by taking the bottle once I've used just about all the conditioner in it (there is still a bit of conditioner in the bottle at this point) and filling it full of water and about six droppers full of argan oil (I use the 28 ounce big bottle).

I co wash my hair every day. My hair does not behave properly if not freshly washed AND I am obsessive about clean and fragrant hair. That's just me.

When I co-wash, I scrub the conditioner in just like I would shampoo. I give it a really good scrub. I then pin it up and finish my shower. When I'm rinsing, I scrub it too...really, really well. (This may be why I have zero problems with my scalp.) I read once that with co-washing when you think your hair is rinsed, rinse it again. So I really rinse. I do wrap it in a towel for about 5 minutes. I know we're told not to do that but I can't stand water from my hair dripping down my back. And I have a LOT of hair.

I pin it up while putting on my makeup. Then I take it down and spray it really well with my leave-in conditioner. I brush it really well, making sure to "massage" my scalp with the brush. Then I put a couple drops of Biosilk Silk Therapy into it and comb through it using my wide-tooth Conair Detangling Comb. I don't use gels or other "sticky" type products and I don't scrunch or do any of that. I am super, super, super happy with my curls and the way my hair looks. I like soft, shiny curls on me and that's what I have. It's super curly and clean and healthy looking. I probably won't totally go CG but I do agree with using products that are gentle on your curls and taking good care of your hair. A really good cut helps a lot too.

I should also mention that I just can't do the "no combing your hair when it's dry" stuff as my hair tends to look very messy this way and I like my hair to look neat so I use the Conair Detangling Comb which works rather well. It's kind of like using a pick.
Originally Posted by AngelaE8654

I'm definitely a "curly" 2c. Sometimes curly and sometimes just wavy upper layer with a ringlety under layer. My hair has been thick and coarse since birth. Strawberry blonde in color that can and does change depending on the type and amount of light.

All in all, I'm happy with my hair type but almost for sure think yours is prettier.
Personally, I use RO conditioners for moisture and detangling. They really help soften my hair, adding back moisture that I seem to lose constantly.

My leave-ins are usually not as moisturizing, but contain an ingredient that helps my hair stay soft or smooth or frizz-free while I go about my day. That could be an oil, butter, or something that creates hold -- like PVP.

For example, I've been using Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner (the gold-colored shea butter one) as a LI, though I originally bought it as a RO. I don't find it detangles very well or gets even distributed through my sopping-wet hair well when I'm in the shower. But, I started using it after I rinse out another RO, then scrunch some water out of my hair, then apply two-three pumps, and it helps seal in some moisture and cut down on frizz. I have a hunch that the shea butter and other oils in it help keep the moisture in.

Long story short: RO and LIs often serve different purposes, but you CAN use one product for both purposes. Try rinsing out all of your RO and adding a little bit back in, or try not rinsing out all of your RO, leaving some as a LI.
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Speaking of clueless, what does "h2o down" mean?

I agree with creativelicense that RO is for moisture and detangling. It's extremely important for detangling. However, I don't agree that you need a different conditioner. You can use the same one for washing your hair, detangling and rinse out (some be absorbed), and for leave in; even if it's "just" something like VO5 or a Suave Naturals conditioner.

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Speaking of clueless, what does "h2o down" mean?

I agree with creativelicense that RO is for moisture and detangling. It's extremely important for detangling. However, I don't agree that you need a different conditioner. You can use the same one for washing your hair, detangling and rinse out (some be absorbed), and for leave in; even if it's "just" something like VO5 or a Suave Naturals conditioner.
Originally Posted by Morgan_Adcock
Watered down.
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My head itches when I try to use a RO as a leave-in and some dry my hair out, so there must be something different about them. But I never use a RO and a leave-in from the same company because I think they're watered down versions of each other unless they list different ingredients.

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Are you putting the leave in on more than your ends then? I only scrunch a small amount into my ends, which is what Deva stylists have told me to do (which may be totally related to my hair's needs).

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My hair demands both. I have to use a good rinse out to detangle and soften and I also need a LI to help maintain that moisture. I can use some RO's and even DCT's as LI's. Others will quickly cause build up. I have also found that I can do a light, watery, LI spray on the majority of my hair but I need something thicker at the bottom. I started out using a clear, thin, LI that I really liked but so many hours later the top layer and ends felt dry.
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I squeeze a nice moisturizing rinse out throughout my hair so it kinda soaks in before I rinse it out, I try not to rinse too thoroughly either. Then for my leave-in I use something with slip because my hair is tangly as heck.
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This is a good thread. I've often wondered about this question myself, so glad to see it posted.
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If you're doing CG, you should be detangling your hair before rinsing out the RO conditioner, which is distributed throughout your hair. LI should be applied to your ends and lower lengths, so wouldn't help with detangling.

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They are different, and as a general rule, LIs are lighter than ROs. Using a LI depends IMO on each person's hair's needs. I sometimes use a LI instead of gel, and on a rare occasion under a gel, but too much product and/or handling of my hair often keeps it from clumping, so instead, most of the time I just don't rinse my CO completely. Some people mix their LI with their gel if they're compatible too.
I normally skip the RO and just use a LI. But the times that I do use a RO, it's for deep conditioning. I can't DC like "normal" people - leaving it on my head for 30-60 minutes leaves me with really limp and mushy hair. So my RO is my DC only left in for 3-5 minutes while I finish my shower. Otherwise I skip it.
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I don't do DTs, but use a RO and LI with every wash and that seems to keep my hair pretty happy. The RO is generally richer than the LI (current RO is YTB and LI is Suave TC), but not always. I have extra conditioners I'm using up, so pretty much whatever I have is what gets used.
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