Caring for hair during swim season?

Swimming is something I love. I have only done it a couple years but its something I just cant imagine giving up. The last couple years I was still transitioning to curly hair. Now its longer than ever, healthy and I want it to stay that way. I see many pages about protecting hair for one swim in a lake, but does anyone have tips on long term care for exposure to chlorine up to four hours a day?
Olive oil and a cap, Thats all i use.
The "Curly Girl" book advised coating it with CO. You may even carry some diluted in water in a spray bottle to spray your hair between "swims".
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The "Curly Girl" book advised coating it with CO. You may even carry some diluted in water in a spray bottle to spray your hair between "swims".
Originally Posted by CGSince2002
I will have to try this. Olive oil seemed to heavy and messy for such frequent use!
Co-wash- Sauve Naturals Coconut Conditioner, As I am Co Wash
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Cream- Shea Moisture Smoothie
Styler- Aussie Mousse, Ouidad curl keeper
Since I went CG, I've been wetting my hair and applying cheap, co-wash conditioner to my hair prior to swimming, and had no damage when I did that. The one time that I thought, what the heck, I'm probably imagining that that does more than it really does, and got in the pool without it, then got my hair wet briefly, I got out shortly after that, co-washed and conditioned immediately, and I could feel the difference in the condition of my hair as soon as I started washing it.

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