Do you tip the shampoo person?

Just curious...are you supposed to tip the shampoo person? If so, what percentage?
I think you are, but I never do.
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I've started to because there is finally someone washing my hair who is actually worth tipping. I give her $5.
She wasn't good but she had good intentions.

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I have no idea. The same woman who colors and cuts my hair also washes it (with conditioner only ). So she, of course, gets tipped.
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When I used to go to the salon I would tip the shampoo girl. I have a lot of hair and I would get DT's too, so she would put in a lot of work. So I'd tip her, but not as much as the person who would cut/color/dry my hair because she put even more time and work.

But if the same person washed and styled my hair then she would get the same as I would tip if she didn't wash.

I haven't been to a salon in over 2 years and I don't miss it...serious dents in the wallet!
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I've heard you usually tip the shampoo person between 5-10%.
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I tip the shampoo person $2 (because, as my husband says, $1 just isn't that much money anymore). The person is always *very* grateful. I think that's because at my salon very few people tip the shampooers.
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Hmmm... I never knew that! I'm so clueless. But I'll have to remember this for the next time I go to the salon. Then again, I normally have the same person do everything to my hair.
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When I worked as a receptionist at a salon a few years ago, I also did shampoos when the stylists were busy and did get tipped about half the time. Usually from the ones I'd almost put to sleep with a scalp massage. Heh.
When I started, the owner had me practice on him. Totally soaked him. *dies* It was hilarious though.
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I have before, but right now my stylist washes my hair.
Yes! Tip the person who shampoos you. They don't usually get paid all that well and they are providing you a service, same as your hair stylist. I usually tip the shampooer a couple of dollars, depending on how expensive the hair cut is.

I worked as a shampoo girl at a men's hair salon (sorry for sexist title, I was also a coat check girl at one point, and coat check person sounds funny) through high school and college and let me tell you, I earned every penny those cheap guys would tip me, if at all. Such dirty hair! And this is coming from someone who doesn't wash their hair with shampoo! Ugh, 'twas a thankless job.
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