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Curlys, am I the only one scared to cut my hair? I have a lot of dead ends, but I'm extremely scared to cut my hair! From bad past experiences with hairdressers cutting to much; my hair always seemed to "stop growing". I'm always left feeling bad about not cutting it sooner and the effects it may have. I feel like my hair is just damaged. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO. PLEASE HELP

Stay bliss.
Just get the dead ends cut off and nothing else. Tell the stylist that you just want the dead ends cut off and nothing else. I always keep up with getting my dead ends cut. I've never gotten more than the dead ends cut off. Your hair will look and feel so much better with the dead ends cut off.
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Hair always grows. If you have curly hair, you won't notice that your hair grows. I agree that you should cut off the dead ends. Not doing so, will continue hair problems.
If you don't trust a stylist cutting the dead ends off, you could trim them yourself depending on how much death there is. I cut about 1/4-1/2 inches off my hair back in April. Not only did the hair look and feel healthier, I experienced a mini-growth spurt.
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You really should get them cut off. Just emphasise the length you want. Say 'I only want this much cut off no matter what, so please don't make it any shorter'. After you reiterate it, they should listen.

If you're that worried, just snip them off yourself. I only search and destroy myself, so I've never given myself a full haircut, but there are tones of tips and videos on how to do it on YouTube.

Do you own the CG handbook (second edition)? There's a DVD on there that shows you how to cut your own hair.
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Thank you curlys for the support! I've made an appointment to have the ends trimmed.
I was avoiding getting a trim for ages because I had the same concerns about losing length even though my ends were dry and ratty.

All I can say is DID NOT REGRET IT. My hair needed that trim and looked so much better after, no one but us notices when an inch or two is gone, only that our hair is lovely and glossy and healthy

I also had a mini growth-spurt after and cutting off the damage also prevented the split ends and dryness from spreading up the hair shaft.
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