Hey everyone. I've been meaning to post for awhile but I've been caught up with work. So I did aphogee two step protein treatment and my hair is just amazing My curls are improving even though the entire back section of my hair is about 2b and the front curls are 3a-3b. So anywho I did the treatment then DC overnight afterwards with an argan oil treatment I found at sally's. Great curls for three days and now my hair is still good but frizzy and eh. My issue is I'm growing out so my hair is shoulder length and layered. There are MANY days where I just wanna give up and chop it all off again but I'm trying to stick with my hair growth goal of it getting close to my belly button. I have one job at costco and it is one of those food sample people you see standing around so I'm constantly wearing a hairnet and a visor (causes my hair to look terrible!) and my other job is a hostess at applebees and they don't care about my hair as long as I don't look a mess lol. I would love to find a quick way to achieve nice curls without having to wash often and I hate going to work with wet hair. I was looking into curlformers and I saw people having issues with it and I currently have flexi rods and perm rods now. I was interested in curl formers because the ends of my hair don't like to stay in my flexi rods or the perm rods and the perm rods are sooo time consuming for me. I thought curlformers would be faster but I read reviews on it being time consuming and not lasting long. What should I do because my natural curls are being so packed in with the hairnet and visor so I would rather do something different and not damaging while my hair grows out. I want nice loose curls or even tight spirals but perm rods, rollersets, and braidouts/twist outs aren't an option since my hair doesn't agree with those things. Please help