I Like Big Hair and I Cannot Lie

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I am now on the upside of a hair crisis (hopefully). Through this journey of product and CG upheaval I have learned something about myself... I like big hair! Not frizzy, but big.

I'm saying goodbye to clumping efforts altogether and embracing my hair's wild side. I think this may be a metaphor for my life...I'm structured by nature and probably need to let loose and be more like my hair :-)

P.s. My hair is also cheap. It dislikes expensive natural products and is loving Aussie Smooth condish with a cone. Gasp!!!
I so want bigger hair-I have 3A hair and even if I diffuse thoroughly and really work it, it still falls by the end of the day. One day I said to my coworker; I really wish I had more body and she was looking at me like I was crazy!!!
I have very thin hair, but used to have lots of it. How I miss that! Whenever I see someone with enormous volume I get hair envy. If someone with that hair volume says they want to weigh it down, I tell them, don't it's beautiful the way it is!
2B/2C/f/i (and m/ii in other places)
Baby fine brown hair
Former lo po/now normal to high porosity
Current products: FSG and gelatin hair gel
Treatments: teas, henna, hydrogen peroxide
Hair loves protein, protein, and for dessert, more protein.
Homemake hair products.

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