how fast do u get build up?

i want to lessen up on using shampoo. i use a non silicone shampoo, but my conditioners have the d or a cone, so how often shud i shampoo----im not sure if i have porous hair, but i dont think it is cuz ive nevr dyed it or relaxed it-----btw where i live (it ssssssooooo hard to find a nonsulfate shampoo, and imposible to find a non silicone conditoner---so i just want to keep my hair as healthy a s possible while using sulfates and cones)
You can't even get suave naturals conditioners? How often do you shampoo now? I'd probably use it once a week or less.
3b-3c CG
not even suave naturals, i finished my last bottle 2 days ago
i want to use shampoo every two weeks, but i use conditoner 3 times a week, so im scared it 2 weeks without sulfates will be too long
--the thing is i dont even know what build up is exactly, is it on the hairs or on scalp, or both,??? tia
Yuck, I aint never using shampoo AGAIN!!!
ok, wekend comes and im feeling my hair, thinking maybe it has some build up as it hasnt been behaving itself over the past few days, so i get me little curly girl book out and get half a teaspoon of jojoba shampoo and dilite this with about two ouces of water, wash my hair and.....ahhhhh tight itchy head, thought i had seent he last of that! anyway after about two hours of it driving me absolutley mental i put in some brazil nut moisturizing conditioner and leave it in overnight, just what the doctor ordered, next day, my scalp is back to normal, phew!! never again am i gonna upset the scalp like that, i thought that diluting it too would have been better, but you cant kid my head! just thought that i would share that littel misadventure with you, my lesson is learnt, take heed girls!!
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