max green alchemy sculpting gel for extreme styles

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Anyone try this? Is the hold strong? I need uber strong hold and am still looking. Because I go chemical free/chemical light BRHG is not an option for me. My hair properties are in my signature. Was wondering if anyone who tried it might have hair similar to mine and if they'd recommend it.

Edit: I did look it up on this site and it got good reviews, but you only see the reviewers' curl type, as opposed to hair thickness. Was wondering especially if fine haired wavies found it weighed their hair down or not.

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I did a search by title and post. Here's the one with the most answers by title Max Green Alchemy Sculpting Gel There were lots of threads that came up when I searched by post.

I remember trying it when I was first on, but don't recall what I thought of it. Since I didn't repurchase and don't remember, I can only guess that it wasn't "special" for me.
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