Oil for blow drying?

I diffuse my hair several times a week. What is a good oil to put in my 3b hair to minimize the heat damage?
Thank you!!
I don't know the answer to this but I'm surprised nobody chimed in, so I'm "bumping" this and maybe someone will answer your question. Good luck!
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I would recommend trying Argan Oil. As, it is an oil that can most surely be used to aid in preventing heat damage. I know that I have seen small bottles of 100% pure Argan Oil offered by Hollywood Beauty offered in the ethnic section of my local Walmart. It retails for between $8-9. I would certainly check to see if your local Walmart sells it too. There is of course Josie Maran's Argan Oil, that is very popular, but it is quite pricey. Also, you can certainly google Argan Oil and check out all the vendors that actually offer such as well. Hope this info helps!
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From what I have learned doing internet research, putting oil on hair before applying heat on it helps further cook the hair. (They compared it to the way cooking oil heats up food) I would suggest using a product that was designed for heat protecting like Tressame or Chi.
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I read that grapeseed oil works as a heat protectant
If you are diffusing with low heat I do not see any problem. Do not flat iron with oil though. The only oil my hair likes is argan oil or the mixed Shea moisture elixer. Grapeseed is not as light as I expected and smells like salad. lol.
Thank you ladies!! NaturalSara that is what I've always heard that oil is not good for blow drying, which is why I asked here. I have tried the Tresseme and Suave heat protectants but they leave my curls kinda hard. I will look into the argan and grapeseed oil. And no I never iron my hair just diffuse.

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