I deeply condition my hair and body every night. What I use is a variety of butters and oils such as argan oil, ghee, coconut oil, Jamaican black castor oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, pomegranate oil, and cedarwood essential oil.

My question is in the morning should I shower with soap or just with water? I have been showering with water for the last week and it seems like I sweat more and have more body odor. I usually put on baby powder and deodorant.

I was thinking that if I shower with soap then it would defeat the purpose of deep conditioning in the first place since it would dry out my skin again. However, since it is the weekend and I do not work today, this morning I decided to shower with soap after deep conditioning to see how I would feel. Last night I used ghee which really is a great moisturizer but it stinks. After I showered with soap, I noticed that my skin still seems to be moisturized and it still has a bit of the smell of the ghee.

So, from this result, my deduction is that I should be showering every morning with soap since the overnight conditioning should penetrate the skin and keep the skin moisturized all day the next day until the deep conditioning is repeated again the following night. The soap is needed to remove the odor produced from overnight conditioning but the soap should not be able to dry the skin out unless it is really strong soap.

Personally, I use Pine Tar soap and African black soap. What are your thoughts on overnight soaking (aka 'conditioning') and then showering with soap ('drying out the skin') the next morning?