I don't like washing my hair daily- a couple times a week usually is enough. I don't have the hair type that can typically get away with this, I just make it work. It's been doing fine for the past few months but with sport seasons and more outdoor work lately, my hair/scalp is getting dirtier faster. Does anyone have some good DIY scalp spray cleanser? Like a "wet" dry shampoo?
RO Conditioner Tresemme naturals Condtioner
Leave in My RO/EVOO/Distilled water in a spray bottle
Oils Jojoba/Coconut
Gel Eco Styler
Shampoo DIY- dr,bronners, jojoba, rosemary oil, peppermint oil, TT oil, distilled water
Cream Styler Shea moisture Smoothie

Wash with DIY shampoo once ever 1-2 weeks, co wash 1-2 a week, water wash two-four times a week.
High Porosity, Collar bone length, Very Fine