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So I've been hearing a lot about "plopping" hair after a shower...what the heck is that? Also, what is porosity and how do I find out what mine is? How can I be 100% sure that I have the right type? I took the quiz and think I'm a 3A, but I'm not sure. And what does it mean to have "Botticelli" hair? Help!

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When you first start, it's really helpful to read the stickies at the top of the forums. There's A LOT of information that will "translate" the terms, acronyms, etc. While the search function isn't the best, it's a good way to look up information.

Here's the link to the sticky about techniques TECHNIQUES LINKS: SuperSoaker,Spritz&Condish,Plopping,Frizz,Clipping IceQueen, etc

Type is less important because it's transient--depends on weather, products, technique, etc. Hair properties are the more important aspect for choosing ingredients/products--rather then hair type. Here's a ling to help you with yours: Curly Hair Basics | Live Curly Live Free

Botticelli was a famous Italian painter. He painted a lot of woman with a certain type of curl--loose corkscrews (somewhere around 3a/b)--that are called Botticelli curls.
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