Blow Outs?

I admit without hesitation that I am no style icon, and I generally avoid trendy things as much as I can, so I realize that my question may seem to belong in the "How could anyone not know that?" Category. Well. I don't.

I received a sample of a shampoo and it's partner conditioner. I like the ingredients, so I gave them a try, and I liked the results. The brand is called "Drybar" (which soulds like a "juice bar" to me...) I looked up the brand and a couple things puzzled me. First was the fact that the shampoo I'd sampled costs $23.00 for an 8.5 oz bottle. I know this isn't unusual in salons, but it does seem unusual for a sulfate-free shampoo. Here we have Chaz Dean demonstrating using 23.07 pumps per hair strand, because his shampoo is sulfate free, and now I'm looking at a $23.00 bottle that will cover my bangs for one cleansing?

But, aside from that: It seems a "Blow dry bar" is a salon where one goes merely to pay someone to blow dry one's hair. "Drybar" has a "menu" of "styles", which are nothing other than a blow-dried flattening of whatever style the customer came in wearing. Is this right? It doesn't make sense to me.

Do people visit every day to get their hair dried in the morning? How long can a "blow dry" possibly last? (Remember I have 3b, coarse, rebellious hair).

Parties? Do people really schedule parties for "Let's all go get our hair dried, together?" Not conducive to conversation...

I thought blowdrying was bad for hair? Am I missing something here?
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Blow drying is bad for your hair. Some women can't, or don't want to, work with their natural texture so they "blow it out." From what I've read, many women who go to blow dry bars go every few days. In other words, the blow out lasts a few days, if not longer.

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