All in the eye of the beholder - a compliment story!

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Last night I was at a band concert that my son was in, sitting patiently as possible since the students have to be there 30 minutes before anything gets started, and I'm the taxi driver. And eventually the woman behind me (also a taxi driver sitting patiently and editing a paper or something) taps me on the shoulder and remarks to me how much she is admiring my hair, and how she likes my gray streaks blending in with the brown .

And she has these stunning, short, salt and pepper curls.

The one who has 4 different curl patterns and little to no root curl?
The one who misguidedly put some grapeseed oil in her hair that morning, weighed it down, got no crunch out the of the gel, and had also been out in the cold wind? Whose wimpy whirly waves have a hard time doing much of anything substantial in the mega low dewpoints? To be fair, I might have even SOTC a little early yesterday.
The one who realized this week that the cold weather really shows up in the straight layers at the nape of her neck? And that they poke out everywhere right now in strange ways? And get mangled in coat collars and scarves?
The one who uses really inexpensive products?

Duh! She meant me. With all of my perceived flaws and everything. At least, there wasn't anyone else she was having a conversation with that I could tell!

So ladies, love your hair even on a bad hair day (or what you thnk is a bad hair day). Someone out there loves your waves and curls, and they are beautiful!
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What an awesome story! So often we are overly critical and judgemental regarding our hair, and sometimes ourselves. As your story teaches, that is not truth.
This is fantastic.

Thanks for the reminder to love our curls in any state!

On a side note, a lady at Starbucks this morning had amazing curls. I was envious just looking at them. I've found that I notice other people's curls a lot more after joining this site!

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Looking for new products and methods to try!

*claps vigorously* LOL. I'm just so happy reading other people's happy stories. Thanks a lot for the lovely reminder to love our God-given curls!

It reminds me of a boat day where I let the wind takes its course on my wet hair, as always, and I remember I joked that my hair looks like a poodle's coat. And it did look crazy. My sweet straight-haired friend told me that my curls are cute and she really wished she had curly hair like mine. Aw!
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