fine hair and beak/Ficcare type hair clips - anyone using them?

Do any of you use beak clips (Ficcare type clips) when you put your hair up? I'm thinking about trying one, but I generally have issues with clips and pins staying put in my fine yet denser hair. My hair seems "slippery" when I put it up, like it doesn't have any grab to it.

I used to have this octopus clip I liked, then I dropped it and broke it I haven't been able to find a suitable replacement, and was interested in trying a beak clip instead (it covers a lot of hair ground. I'm concerned that it too will be heavy and pull the style out eventually.

Other alternative options welcome - I have an Ulta coupon burning a hole in my pocket and this seems like a good way to spend it

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I had Ficcare beak clips a few years ago and ended up selling them to other people. I have a small head and something about the arc of the beak clip wasn't comfortable against my head. I liked the Maximas clip better. Also, I don't think the beak clips held my hair as comfortably as the Maximas clip. They are pretty though!
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