Got the new SheaMoisture shampoo today..

the 10 in 1 Superfruit Renewal Complex shampoo. Planning to use it tomorrow and will report in. Did not get the conditioner but got a great deal on it at Ulta.
I got the mask and it's actually pretty good. Interested in what you think of the shampoo! As much stuff as I've got, it takes a really enticing product for me to buy these days!
I LOVE it. Love the smell; my hair feels like silk in the shower; and, the label says No Build Up. I dont know if the other SM shampoos say this. There are things I like about the SM Moisture Retention, and the SM Coconut HIbiscus, but I think this is going to be my fave. What did you like about the conditioner??
It doesn't have coconut oil??? Happy day!

<scribble> on my list of things to try when I use up my current shampoo - curse you!

j/k I'm glad you like it!
Smorgasbord of finer, porous 2a-3a; straight underlayer

humectants outside of optimal dews, PVP, oils/butters, anything remotely comedogenic

poos: Giovanni TTT, Suave Clarifying
condishes: VO5 VMT, KLS; IonEC
stylers: FSG, 4NSBCC, Volumax, GFPC

Mod CG since 11/2012. My waves occasionally look best when combed out, so you can pry my combs from my cold, dead hands
I know this is hard to believe but I checked the on line ingredient list - and I dont think there is coconut oil. There IS shea butter. I am lovin' this shampoo, and now am considering the conditioner...

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