Curlies with long, coarse, porous hair: what are your experiences with Denman brushes? Or do you prefer a different comb?

Because I was thinking to purchase one for dry-detangling my hair prior washing, provided that I have to stroke less times through my hair than with a wide-toothed comb.

《Signature for smartphones & tablets》
loose 3b | henna'd | waist-length (wet) | coarse | high density | porous ends
Henna'd ✩ Waist-length (wet) ✩ Loose 3b ✩ High density
Very coarse & medium ✩ Kinkings ✩ Porous below shoulders: sun & old heat damage ✩ Low elasticity (wet)

Dew: 30s F
80-100% humidity

Clarify: YTCar poo
Low poo: Harmonie Familie
Co-wash&RO: Argan Care
Protein: Schwarzkopf Anti-klit
Styling LI: e.g. YTTom
Seal: sweet almond oil
Pre-wash: coconut + EVOO

: oils, dew = 50-60s F + 50-70% humidity, CG
: salt water, rain, high humidity, 'cones