Whoa...more volume...sectioning

A few days ago, I went and had my dd who is in beauty school wash and style my hair. She used specifically curly hair products....some of which had cones. But my hair was more voluminous. It was also very soft, but not necessarily frizzy, but fly away...like it was all my life that I've worn it straight. It is fine, but takes awhile to dry if there is any product on it.

I washed it today because I'm going out. I was thinking about why it was more voluminous. All I came up with was sectioning. So I did my best to section and diffused away. Sure enough....more volume. I did not scrunch as I usually do and only used my denman and it curled up great. Just not very clumpy. It might be a smidge frizzier than I like...or maybe it is the lack of clumping. Can't tell until it dries...

Any ideas on using sectioning and not having to re comb or touch it after removing from sections?

Does anyone use sectioning to dry their hair?

Also, I didn't plop like I usually do so I'm not sure if plopping would help

I am very glad that you really like the finished results that you got from your dd doing your hair. To best find out how you were able to get such beautiful voluminosity that you did to your hair, and what really were the main difference makers, when it came to the results you achieved, I would wholeheartedly recommend speaking with your dd. As, I'm that she would be more than happy to break down the special techniques she used when styling your hair, so that way you can best recreate the same finished look at home, whenever desired.

Also, I certainly do wish your dd all the best while in beauty school at this time.
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I'm not really sure what you mean by sectioning? When I diffuse I do just do one section at a time, but it's akin to pixie drying, I think. I do get good volume from it, though. Sorry, when do you brush it? I do comb my wet hair and it doesn't affect my curls as long as I scrunch a bit.

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