Good morning/evening/day ladies

I am new (as of last night) and super excited about this community, btw .

I was talking about the importance for black women to embrace their natural hair in one of my YouTube videos on the Moni Tano channel: 5 Reasons why Black Women Must Wear Their Hair Natural.

One lady said it's easy for me to talk cause her hair can't do what my hair can. And I've heard different variations of that over time (I've been natural for 11 years).

Now to give you some context, I'm black, very black, from West Africa and my hair is the thickest kinkiest texture there is hands down (according to myself ). If there's a 4Z, that's me. I had my hair finger coiled in the video.

Embedded in my acquaintance's comment was a good hair bad hair distinction that was being used assuming that my twisted hair (she thought it grew like that in twisted coils) was proof of my having "good" (looser coils) hair and thus it being easier for me to go natural than for her to go natural.

I've had to explain so many times that I went natural for no other reason than because being me, in all my "me-ness", including with my kinky hair, is the only way to be...

I thought it was funny that my super coarse hair was being mislabeled as looser hair as a way to make it sound like going natural is easier for some natural textures than others.

What's your good hair bad hair story?

Moni Tano
YouTube: Moni Tano