How to get more shine and moisture??

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I am currently transitioning. What is the most moisturizing leave in ? And how can I get more shine to hair?? thanks!
This is a very subjective question. Do you know your hair properties? That's the first step in determining what types of products to use.

Also, time. You won't get moisturized, bouncy, shiny curls overnight. It took many of us here months to see a change.

Cowash or low poo, silicone free conditioner, clarifying when you need to, and a leave in will all help your hair become healthier.
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2c-3a - med-coarse - normal-high porosity - high density

NP/LP: CJ Daily Fix, KMF Whenever Cond./ Giovanni TTTT
RO/LI: CJ Argan & Olive Oil, JC Too Shea / Aussie Moist
DT: Coconut Oil + scalp massage
OIL/STYLER: JC Rockin' Ringlets, SS Curl Enhancing Jelly, KCCC
COLOR: henna, amla & indigo
: glycerin in high/low dews, polyquats, parabens

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