My hair loves oils, but oils make my hair into a lint magnet, and lint causes tangling :/. I suspect that my nylon hair tie and winter wear are the main sources of lint.

So what are your methods to reduce lint in your hair between the washes, without washing more often (because wash days take a lot of time for me)?

Do you have experiences with using aluminum foil or silk to reduce the static attraction to your hair? (source: Science-y)

And what kind of hair ties are free of lint?
Henna'd ✩ stringy waist-length ✩ loose 3b ✩ high density
Very coarse & medium ✩ kinkings ✩ porous below shoulders: sun & old heat damage ✩ low elasticity (wet)

Dew: 30s F
80-100% humidity

Clarify: YTCar poo
Low poo: Harmonie
Co-wash&RO: Argan Care
Protein: Schwarzkopf Anti-klit
Styling LI: Da Verzorgend
Seal: avocado oil
Pre-wash: sunflower & EVOO

: oils, dew = 50-60s F + 50-70% humidity, CG
: salt water, rain, high humidity, 'cones