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I'm growing out my hair and its about bsl. I love the definition and ringlets I get with longer hair, but I also miss the bouncy volume and fullness of short hair. I know its inevitable to lose volume with long, thick hair like mine, but does anyone have tips or ideas on how you achieve more volume? I clip my roots and sometimes use root volumizer.
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Some people recommend flipping hair upside down and defusing that way but others say it messes up the curl pattern. This is a good question - I hope others chime in.
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I do as much of my hair styling upside down as I can. It helps me with volume. I don't find it messes up my curl pattern at all.
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Styling upside down definitely helps, some people rinse out their conditioner upside down as well so the shower won't flatten their hair. If you want some more volume once your hair's dry, you could try flipping your hair forward and rufling the roots with your fingers. Having more layers cut in your hair might help too.
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