Is Buying Devacurl from Online Stores Sketchy?

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Hey, so I've looked around and found Devacurl products for discounted prices at online stores such as Amazon, Vitacoast, LuckyVitamin, etc.

Now I like their prices, but is it safe to buy from these sites? I just don't want to get a dupe, but I need more devacurl /./ I'd rather pay full price at my Ulta than drop $20-30 on a dupe that wouldn't work as well.
My rule of thumb is if your gut says it's sketchy, just go pay full price for what you know is the real thing - or look for a discount coupon (I always google just in case).

I'd definitely be weary of Amazon. I recently purchased a magnesium oil off Amazon, and I could tell off the bat it was not the real thing. It was discounted about $10. I ended up returning it for a refund and bought the real thing (cheaper brand) somewhere else, and it works so much better. Anybody can sell on Amazon, so you have to make sure it's coming from a legit company. But I can tell you DevaCurl would not put any discounted anything on Amazon.

I can't really speak for the other sites you mentioned as I've only purchased 1 thing off Lucky Vitamin, but I do believe they are legit?
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you can get deva products on, it is a legit website. i've used it for many years.
they always have discount codes, current ones"
FIVE - 15% discount on any $$ amount
AVEYOUSP25 -- $25 off any order of $100 or over.

shipping is $5 flat for $49 an under, $1 for $50 orders and above.

custome service is great, delivery is usually pretty quick.

i also buy curl junkie products from this website.
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Vitacost is legit.
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I never had problems buying from other sources, like aveyou.

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