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Does anybody here take prenatal vitamins for their hair and/or skin? When I was in high school, that was the thing to do. Everybody swore by it. I never did it though.

I started taking prenatal vitamins a couple of weeks ago and I've noticed some great changes in my hair and skin! I was trying to figure out if it was because I stopped the pill, or because of the vitamins. When I stopped the pill, my face broke out something awful! It hadn't been that bad since high school. Then all of a sudden this month my skin is about the clearest it has ever been! I'm thanking my lucky stars I stopped the pill last month so I wouldn't have pizza face for our wedding photos.

My hair has also been great to manage. Pineappling never worked, it always pulled my curl out - now I can pineapple (a variation on it anyway) with no problem. My curls are holding up so much better in general. I thought it was the change in my gel, but I don't think gels can really be that miraculous seeing as I've tried pretty much all of them under the face of the sun.

Wondered if anyone else has seen benefits from taking prentatal vitamins? Coming off the pill, I expected the opposite, so I'm thinking it has to be the vitamins.

ETA: Oh, and my nails have become smooth, soft, and very strong too. Would it hurt to keep taking prenatals for life?
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My mom started taking Bioten but she hasn't gotten results yet

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I am pregnant and taking prenatal vitamins, my hair has never been better but Im not sure if its the vitamins or the pregnancy itself...also I started the CG method but my hair was better already before the CG method so I think prenatals were working their magic
Iiiinteresting. I'm going to look at what's in the prenatal vitamins and see if any of the ingredients are something I'm lacking.

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Prenatal vitamins typically just contain more folate than regular vitamins, as adequate folate is important for the prevention of neural tube defects in the fetus. That said, in Canada and the U.S., our food products are highly fortified with folate, as a public health measure to prevent neural tube defects. Those that avoid grain products, or who don't eat green vegetables or legumes (beans, lentils) may have diets low in folate.

Most people should be able to get all the vitamins and minerals they need from a balanced diet, unless a doctor has identified a deficiency. The only exception is vitamin D, which many need to take as a supplement, especially if they live in Northern regions (especially in the winter), or if they always wear sunscreen and/or cover up whenever outside (and so the skin doesn't receive any of the UV rays necessary for our skin to make vitamin D).
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I was noticing that about folate. I don't eat processed foods, and though I eat other foods with folate, when I looked it up I saw that to get the 100% RDA I'm not making the cut. So adding in a supplement or heavily dosing on certain foods might be interesting to try.

I'm not sure I agree re: minerals. Our soils are depleted from many minerals due to modern farming techniques. Vitamin content has been going down. What you say is true… in the past. Today I'm not so sure. I saw a naturopath and, under his guidance, adding in certain vitamins and minerals, I've seen improvement in my hair density. Though causation is tough to prove.

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I actually started taking prenatal vitamins a couple of weeks ago along with my biotin pills. I think it's too early for me to say if it has made a noticeable change in my hair since my hair grows a little slower than average (why I decided to try vitamins). I noticed my skin has been clearer and brighter but to be fair I also started drinking a lot of water so that might have something to do with it also.
I ran out of my regular multivitamin so I'm going to continue on my prenatal/biotin combo and see what happens. I'm really hoping for a boost in hair growth so I can chop sooner.

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