My dryer shorted out or something just now, it now doesn't blow lighter on the low setting, it blows out hard no matter what! Plus it kinda smells like electrical smell in the air it blows out. Soooo not takin any chances, just gettin a new one. I actually don't even know how long I've had that one. Almost 10 years I bet.

Anyway it just so happens I have an Ulta gift card burning a hole on my wallet. Naturally they have a ton of dryers on their site.

What should I look for? Neg/pos ion settings? Tourmaline/ceramic somethin or other? I know I want a cool shot button. Any suggestions for brands, product specs or characteristics for a 2b wavy?
Graduated to 2b after latest trim, 2b/2c in back
Low density, High porosity
Course texture, Medium length
Naturally dry, protein sensitive
Prewash: Coconut oil
Lo poo: Suave Clarifying or HE Naked
Cowash: Tresemme Perfectly Undone condish
RO: GVP CB, Yes to Coconuts Ultra Moist Condish
Leave In: KCKT
Deep condition: GVP CB