Is anyone else getting tired of their hair?

Okay. I love my natural hair and I lovee being a part of the natural hair community. It means so much more to me than hair. But on another more real level, I am just not as excited as I was during that first year of growth.

My hair is at a stage where it looks decent in a twist out, good in a puff, and great in a blowout. I feel like I'm just waiting til I reach bra strap length or waist length. In the meantime I've thought of coloring it, cutting it, or leaving it in protective styles.

Is anybody with me?
I totally understand.. I go through that every few months. I've been so tempted to layer mine lately, but I know I'll regret it if I do (been there, done that).. and I'll feel better about it with another inch of growth. It just goes through phases where it's at an awkward spot in curl formation I think...
I used to just change up the color a little but the last time I did I had a horrible experience that resulted in a lot of damage so I'm gun shy now.
Sometimes I'll use it as an excuse to experiment with new products.. by the time I'm done playing it's grown a bit, lol.
3A, fine, porous, colored, protein sensitive
Buildup/breakout with: butters, coconut/argan oil, polyquats.
Poo: SM C&H mixed 50/50 withAussie Moist
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LI/Styler: Aussie Moist topped with SM C&H on ends.
Multi day: section, mist/squeeze in water, rake and scrunch.
I got tired of mine and got a tapered cut.

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Every once and a while I get really tired of the length, not just because of the maintenance but I'd love to have hair that's edgy and stylish and not just 'pretty' I guess. I would love to have a bob with a fringe (bangs). I've never had them before though and I just know I'd regret cutting it all off. So many years of my life went into growing it lol.

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Conditioner: Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture/ Perfectly Undone
Treatments: SM Black Castor Oil Masque/ Packet Gelatine
Leave in: Redken Diamond Oil Conditioner
Styling: AG Recoil Curl Activator/V05 Mega Hold/Cornstarch
Refresh: Redken Fresh Curls Curl Boost

Between Waist and Hip Length (stretched), 2C with 2B roots
one of the same reasons I wont cut my hair unless I really just had to. I get bored easily and I need hair that I can do more with as far as styling. a twa is just not for me plus I need more hair on my face to take away from my huge head lol

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