Runny gels like Ouidad Curl Quencher?

I've been using Ouidad FOREVER and love it to pieces but it keeps getting more and more expensive. It's $26 for 8.5 ozs these days. Can anyone recommend something similar? I think the Ouidad always worked so well for me because of the runny consistency of the product meant that I could get away with using a lot of it. I'm looking for something with that runny, slippery feel, light hold, and no crunch.
Hi! I know the feeling of having to switch products because of price!

I currently use Curls Goddess Curls, and I think it is a phenomenal gel. I think it might be water-based, as it is runny and clear in texture. It's paraben, silicone and sulfate-free, and runs for only about $8 for an 8 oz bottle. You don't need much (I use maybe a dime-sized amount for each section of my hair when applying and it is just right). It is unscented, so if your leave-in is nicely scented it won't be blocked, or if you're sensitive to smells it won't bother you. And it is the *only* gel I have used that leaves my hair soft with 0 crunch whatsoever (even when I'm a little heavy-handed!).

I found it at a Sally's near me, since Wal-Mart was out. But it was cheaper at Sally's anyway!
Multi-textured dark brown hair, shoulder length. Low porosity, with high porosity on the canopy, high density. 3A/B/C mix.

•Conditioner: Aussie Moist.
•Shampoo: Bi-weekly with Curls Sulfate-Free, every other month 1x with Mixed Chicks.
•Leave-in: Curls Crème Brule; Day 2+ hair = spray bottle, half water half AM.
•Stylers: Curls Goddess Curls.
•Weekly DC. Monthly protein treatment. CG as of 12/15/2014, BC 05/06/2015. First CG cut soon.
CJ CIAB is really runny like the Ouidad (I use both) but doesnt have as much hold. Curl Keeper has the same runny consistency too.
3 ab Baby fine, Low density, high porosity, naturally pale blonde but growing out dark brown dye! And a UK Curly Girl
No Poo: CJ Daily Fix, Deva No Poo
Low Poo: JC CC, Ouidad CC
LI: CJ SL, KCKT, AJ Quench
RO: Deva OC, Ouidad CC or Playcurl, JC Too Shea!
DT/PT: CJ Repair Me!, JC DC, Organic Surge DT, Hask Keratin
Stylers: Deva B'Leave, CJPP, Ouidad CC gel, CJ CIAB under all gels.

If i listed all the products I actually own I would be embarassed!

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