I recently switched up products/routine/technique and had success so wanted to share, esp with other very fine haired curlies whose hair gets easily weighed down and/or curl gets easily pulled out.

I had a bottle of Aubrey Natural Missst super strong hold hairspray. As a finishing spray, it gave my hair a very stiff feeling. But lately I experimented, and used it like a spray gel. The results are completely different and I love it!

What I do is wash my hair, ice queen method, separate my hair into clumps, spray in some light products including diluted leave in with water. This gets good product distribution while being very light. Then I scrunch out the water. I either spray the hairspray before or after scrunching out the water--I can't remember! But after I scrunch out the water I definitely give it some light sprays with the hairspray and scrunch additional hairspray in.

What the hairspray does is give my hair very firm yet flexible hold. It allows the curls to form in nice circles rather than weird zigzags. Then I put in my harder hold gels, like gelatin and flax. I may add a little hairspray to the cocktail--I don't remember, still fiddling around with the routine. My hair really starts to curl at this point.

I use SMasters and diffuse, and add more hairspray in as my product for SMasters. It makes my hair curl yet more. When I SOTC at the end my hair is full and also it holds up really well for 2nd day hair! I also get to cut down on the amount of product I use and the diffusing time, drastically. My pattern is stronger and more consistent too.

I imagine you can get the same effect from any hairspray of your choice. You have to be careful not to overdo the hairspray so you don't get tupperhair. In the right amount it's great. If you're concerned it would be too much you can try the spray just with the SMasters method. That's what I started out with, and really liked the results that way.

Has anyone else ever done this with hairspray? What did you use, and what is your routine?

Baby fine brown hair, fluctuating porosity (currently low)
No poo: AVG mixed with glycerin, KMF volumizing conditioner
Leave in: SS PT
Stylers: AO Mandarin magic, SS CEJ, SS protein, homemade gelatin hair gel, SCE crazy curly FSG (sans PVP), AO Natural Missst super hold hairspray (used as gel)
Treatments: amla, fenugreek, irish moss, aloe vera powder, rosemary and chamomile tea rinse (with marshmallow root and irish moss water), henna, hydrogen peroxide, catnip tea
IA Girl's PT

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