Why do certain products make some peoples hair crunchy but not others?

i always use garnier leave in conditioner underneath suave flexible control mousse and i like the way my hair turns out after i scrunch out the crunch. but i just hate how crunchy it gets in the first place. but then i read the reviews and tons of people say that the same products doesn't make their hair crunchy at all. i dont think i am using too much mousse bc i use the amount it says to use on the back of the can. is it possible that it is the leave in i am using? i was just curious why this happens. also, the product seems to make my hair feel sticky once it is dry and leaves a residue on my hands but not for many of the reviewers. i was also curious about why this is and how to prevent it. thank you so much!
It sounds like you could be using too much for your particular thickness, p or curl type. A lot of it depends on the other products you use in your regime and how they're affecting the end result.

Maybe try switching up your products like you mentioned/using less?

Some people's curls really love one product while someone else's hair just doesn't react the same.(:
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I wonder if porosity is a factor? I know very few gels that leave me crunchy but some mousses give me a little bit of crunch. I have tried gels with and without LIs and no crunch. I like any crunch I can get because atleast I feel like it didn't just soak into my hair and disappear.
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