Constantly I've spent time in the 3's section feeling confused because I'd see photos of 3a's/3b's with looser looking curls and wonder if I was right in my typing. But then I'd spend hours on research only to find that I definitely fit those categories. When I first joined and asked my curl type, the responses were mostly 'you look more like ___', in which their suggestion was always a tighter curl pattern than what I know mine to be (granted curl typing when asking others is *very* subjective, and I've also noticed that those with looser curls are likely to see those with curls tighter than theirs as being super curly, and those with curlier hair tend to see those with looser curls as being wavy mostly because in our own minds we see ourselves all as being just curly and go from there). I was so confused because I know although my curls are smaller, the curl *themselves* definitely matched the patterns of the types I decided them to be (for example my 3a's are spirals, but not tight enough to be ringlets like my 3b's, which are also not tight enough to be corkscrews like my 3c's). And it didn't help seeing articles and the quiz mention the sizes these curls are supposed to be, and mine are smaller.

And then they posted this article! It made me so happy and relieved to see it written out. I had slowly come to the conclusion that obviously there are differences even within the same curl type even as far as size, and that the determining factor should be the way your curls 'curl' and not their size. And this confirmed that for me. Maybe I was worrying too much about it, but for me I just have to know, because curl type does have even a small part in choosing products. But now I'm happy and I'll stop blabbing!
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Medium/fine textured dark brown hair. Normal porosity, with high porosity on the canopy, high density. 3B/C mix with some random 3a 'sprinkled' in.

•Conditioner: Searching, currently DevaCare One Condition
•No-poo: DevaCare Low-Poo, Curls Sulfate-Free Shampoo.
•Styler: DevaCurl Light Defining Gel, Spiral Solutions Firm Holding Gel
•CG as of 12/?/2014, BC 04/?/2015. First CG cut 7/9/2015.