Since Carol's Daughter had a 40% off sale, I bought a membership since it gives a discount on products, does private sales and gives free shipping. It only cost me a little over $6 with tax, so I thought it was a great price -- especially since it's normally $25. I figured even if I didn't use it a lot, I could get my $6 worth since ground shipping cost more.

I really was unsure of what to buy. I stumbled on her "Healthy Hair Butter." I thought it'd be great for my hair; plus, I got a 40% discount combined with my membership discount, so I got more off and free shipping. I figured it'd be a good way to test out her products. I didn't want to buy a lot, so I just bought the butter.

Well today, I got it in the mail. It smells HORRIBLE! The only smell that I can relate it to is "Icy Hot." I can't imagine smelling this smell day to day. I had to put the smell on my leg instead of my arm to test for allergies because the smell is so yucky.

Is there a way that I can use this product? Do you think a bonnet could 'trap' the smell and give me the benefits if I sleep with it in my hair? Or maybe somehow like a DC?

I think I'm going to have to return it.
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