Will Clarifying help?

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I sort of know what clarifying is, basically will give my hair a fresh start and gets rid of product build up and any other products.

Will clarifying my hair help with over conditioned hair?

If so what clarifying products does anyone recommend.

Protein will help with overconditioned hair.

Clarifying helps with product build-up.

Chelating helps with hard water.

Protein helps with overconditioning.

Deep conditioning helps with overproteined hair.

For more about protein see:
Science-y Hair Blog: Mysteries of Hydrolyzed Proteins
Science-y Hair Blog: More About Protein
Science-y Hair Blog: Gelatin Protein Treatment Recipe Update
Science-y Hair Blog: Product List By Category (scroll down until you see Conditioners (and mild shampoos) with Protein)
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I'm not sure if clarifying will help with overconditioned hair but it might be worth a try. I know when I clarify my hair is left extremely dry and difficult to manage so I usually deep condition afterwards. If that doesn't work I would definitely try a good protein treatment. I clarify with AIA Curl Clarity shampoo (@ Sally's). The bottle has lasted me a while since I only use it once every other month or so. However, I've seen several posts that mention other clarifying shampoos, I'm thinking about giving something new a try myself.
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