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Although I have a strong wave pattern co washing isn't good for my hair. It tried lots of different conditioners and most leave my roots on my crown heavy and leaves my crown flat. Still happens when I rinse out thoroughly.

I've been looking at either a very light moisturizing condish or just use a no poo cleanser once a week and condish my ends.

Is it ok to no poo once or twice a week or am I better off with a very light condish to co wash couple times a week with?
Sounds like a low-poo situation night be better for you most of the time.

What about a nonsulfate cleanser/shampoo?

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Some people alternate. For me I found that it depends on what products I use on my hair. Straight up CO washing is too much to use every time for me, but a great alternative is edible aloe vera gel mixed with glycerin (since used as a rinse out glycerin doesn't tend to bother hair).
I find SM FF shampoo to be cleansing but not overly drying and I wash my hair with it every time. Since you're over conditioned at the moment I'd recommend staying away from CO washing for right now until you're back to normal. Then it will take you some experimenting to find out whether alternating or straight up no poo every time is better. I personally still use a harsh clarifying shampoo every so often as well.

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Co washing never worked for me, left me way overconditioned, so I use a low poo every time I wash, which is every two or three days.
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^^^^ me too. Sometimes in the dead of winter when it's below zero dry I can co-Wash about every other time.
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I don't have any experience with no-poos, but I use a low poo (Griffin Remedy Volumizing, which is very protein-rich). I wash my hair twice a week, once with a conditioner (Aubrey Honeysuckle Rose), and once with the low poo.
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I use a low poo either every time I wash, or every other time I wash. It depends on how my hair and scalp are feeling.

A lot of wavies can't co-wash or no-poo exclusively. Many wavies need to use a low poo (i.e. sulphate-free, silicone-free shampoo).
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