JCBO effects in pre-poo and deep conditioner?

I want to start incorporating Sunny Isle's 'Jamaican Black' Castor Oil in my regimen, but I'm not sure about using it as the oil in my LOC regimen. I've always used olive oil in my hair. I heard that JCBO has a really strong and unpleasant odor... which is another reason why I don't particularly want to use it in my regimen. I have a strong and sensitive sense of nose, so anything that's too strong or unpleasant can give me a headache.

I was thinking of using it as a pre-poo and mixed with my deep conditioner. Do you still get the thickening effects if you only use the JCBO in your deep conditioner and pre-poo? How do you utilize the JCBO? Do you just use it by itself as your pre-poo?

One of the reasons why I want to incorporate JCBO is to help my dry scalp and dry hair. I heard it so many awesome things about it. During this time of year, I really suffer from dry hair even worse than normal. I figure that the increase with hair thickness isn't too bad of an effect either.
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It should be fine as a DC. I used to use it as a DC but now I water the JBCO down and use it as a sealant. Both ways work well. Try it for yourself and see what you like more.
P.S. Try mixing 3 or more oils and adding essential oils to the JBCO if you want to use it as a sealant.
(Ex: Olive oil, JB Castor oil, avocado oil, peppermint and tetree essential oils. That's the mix I use to seal my ends. Try it to see if you like it. )

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I use the JBCO by Jamaican Mango & Lime.
I use the Coconut version as a sealant for my LOC and whenever I need to apply oil to my hair during the week; a little goes a long way. This smells really nice!
I use a mix of the Sunny Isle JBCO ('cause I have a large bottle of it) with the Rosemary JBCO (by Jamaican Mango & Lime) as a pre-poo and apply it to my scalp and hair and follow with a good massage before cleansing my hair. I keep both of my JBCOs in narrow tip applicator bottles (available at the BS) so I can easily dispense into my hand or apply directly to my scalp. I do plan to add the Coconut JBCO to my DC since the weather is getting colder and while I donít have a problem with dry hair, my scalp that can get dry and tight at times once the bitter cold days arrive.
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