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Hi. I am stil on the verge of being a new natural, although I've been natural for almost a year now. I say "still on the verge" because I suffer with texture loss from using heat, so I'm constantly trying to figure out my hair while also growing it out to be healthy again. In the title I wrote my Youtube channel because thats where I document my struggles with my hair, but it seems like my hair is not my only struggle. Gaining views and subscribers is another thing I struggle with. Honestly if my videos were any good you'd think I'd have all the followers I need, but there are a lot of terrible videos that get way more views than my decent videos do. I wrote this extremely long post because I need viewers. Please help me out and view my wonderfully decent channel about my natural hair. Thank you!
What's your channel listed as - user name? Kind of hard to check you out without any links, titles, etc.

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