hii guys, i've been reading around this website for a little while now and i decided to try and find out what products and stuff would be best for my hair.
the majority of hair is 2c but the hair surrounding my face is around 3a. i usually wash it every 2-3 days. my hair is good for about a day but it tends to start getting really bad frizz, so i just keep in a bun the rest of the time. a couple months ago my hair used to be down to my waist, but was really *really* damaged so i cut it really short, down to my shoulders. my hair condiiton has improved greatly but it still is pretty frizzy.
i did an at-home hair analysis today and i plan on trying to get a real test soon, and with the results i got i have low porosity, medium texture, low elasticity, and medium density.
also, where i live its pretty humid sometimes so i feel like that also makes my hair pretty frizzy.
i just wanted some product suggestions that would help with my hair, especially to maybe be able to wear my hair for more than a day without such bad frizz lol.
if you have any other questions feel free to ask! i'm stil new here so i'm trying to find my way around and stuff
thank you!