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I got my first ever DevaCut on Tuesday of last week and suffice it say, I'm not too happy with it. My hair is mostly wavy, so it really doesn't bounce up much. I'm pretty sure my stylist expected different. I'm going back tomorrow afternoon to get the longest layer cut an inch or so shorter and the rest of it shaped up, but I'm not sure what to tell him!? My tighter wave/curl down the length of my hair was cut out, so now I'm left with huge irregular waves I'm not sure what to do with!

The redhead pics are my before and afters and the other 2 are inspiration pics I took in to my appt. I need advice please!

Thanks in advance!
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First, I really like your color!
I, myself, like the way your hair turned out. Your curls look really big and healthy. I would love to have that look. I understand if you feel your longest layer is too long for your liking then by all means trim that up. I think it's really hard when we have straight, wavy and curly layers. One of the reasons I decided to keep going to my stylist is because I don't know how I would feel about the possible unevenness of a dry cut. Sorry I'm no help but I really like your hair in the second picture!
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I really like your hair! I think it looks beautiful. Are you not happy with it because it just looks different?

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Thank you both It may be, in part, that it's a new look but I have tried quite a few things now when wearing it down and I just can't style it to where I'm happy with it. Besides the bottom being too long, I feel like I have way too much bulk at the nape of my neck. Maybe I need a few even shorter layers at my crown? I just don't know. I really love the shape of the style in the very last pic.
i also like they way your hair looks.

i would definitely not cut short layers at the crown. maybe she can cut more pieces into the bottom layers.
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I think the problem is that the style you like is way shorter than your current hair. In order to get that shape you are going to have to lose a lot of length. Otherwise there would be too much difference between the crown layers and the bottom. What the stylist gave you looks like a longer and healthier version of that second pic

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When I was but a wee lad, I learned quickly from frequency of hair cutting they are never satisfying. However I promise you are the only one who notices. Except the boy with a crush, so he doesn't care anyway

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