"How do u get ur hair like that?"

What do you say when asked this question?

Depending on how my hair looks that day and the product(s) I used it could be a variety of things that got my hair "like that" (i.e., technique, distribution, product (s), etc.).

Does this question ever leave you perplexed? Sometimes I just want to say I used so and so and leave it at that, but then again I feel I should be honest.

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...If its a straighty, I just say "I wash it"

If a curly is legitimately asking me, I tell them what I use but I generally avoid the "no shampoo" part because they look at me a little weird.
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I guess it depends on why they're asking... If it was a straighty I'd probably just say something like, oh, I found a great conditioner and gel that helps define my curls- or something like that. If it was a curly, I'd probably go into more detail, and direct her to this site!
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Summer: DevaCurl No Poo & OneC; CK; Re:coil; BRHG; Honey!!!

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I usually tell them that i use tons of condish everday, only shampoo 1 a week, and scrunch in whateever prodcuts i used that day.

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I had one person ask me if I had gotten a perm. Her hair has some curl to it so I explained to her what I had started using. I told her that my hair is naturally curly.
If it's a curly I'll name products. Wannabe curly or natural - I don't go into details, but I do mention the amount of conditioning I do, that I use natural products, and tell them about the hair boards. Anyone else, I tell them it grows out of my head that way.
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