Straight at top of head, then curly?

I'm trying to figure out what the deal with this is. The first 3 inches of my hair is almost straight, and then it breaks out into curls. Why? and what can I do about it?
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This is really common esp. for us 3A folks. A few things that help me get more curl at the root: getting a cut with layers, plopping or using claw clips at my roots while my hair's drying, using a curl-enhancer (I love re:coil) and a really strong gel.
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Still not knowing if I'm 3a or 2b or a mix, my hair from roots down is nearly straight anywhere from 4 to 6 inches.

Then it goes either into waves, waves & curls, or curls. All depending on what it wants to do that day & what products I use.

Today I have no styler in & I let it air-dry after showering. It's straight-like for the first 5 inches & goes into a flat mixture of waves & spirals.
I feel ya my hair is straight the first 2-3 inches and then the rest is curly , i dont know what my curls catagory in yet , but i try to get some wave at least to my canopy , sometimes clips help and sometimes certain products help..even honey.. my hair is so weird that i was able to get my top really wavyish last week with loreal spiral curl mouse and CCSS over that , but when i went to duplicate it 3 days later i got a straight top so go fig! i just go with it . i do have layering too so that helps at times.
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Mine's the same. I can't plop to save my life and whilst doing the claw clip thing did help a bit it just looked kind of weird on me, so I've given up the fight, if it wants to be straight and flat on top, so be it.
Mine's straight the first few inches as well, especially on the sides of my head. I can get the very front pieces to curl from the root and sometimes the hair at the back of my head (curl enhancers like re:coil, plopping, and diffusing flipped over for longer amounts of time), but the sides - I've given up and let them be.
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I *think* this is typical of wavies .. I'm a 2b with 3/a tendencies and on it's own or with just conditioner in it, it'll be straight down to about my ears, then it begins waving/curling.

Products can help curl you up higher or to the roots. I have no luck with plopping since I have shorter layers on top. I sometimes will use a big jaw clip to hold all my hair up at the crown to help with that blasted part I have at the crown that wants to do nothing split to the right or left .
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Thanks for the replys! Glad to know it's not just me doing something wrong!
Learning to Love my 3a curls!
I really like that look, I was just asking Solastsunday that in another post.....I prefer mine to have straighter roots and then break into curls

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