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Default Need gel recs...

I recently bought re:coil and phyto defrisant. I tried Joiwhip over each of these. I think I need more hold. My hair is too soft and just poofs out. It looks out of control. Any recs? I live in South Louisiana so humidity is an issue. Thanks.
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Abba Weightless Gel is fantastic. It gives really great hold but is lightweight. I have very fine hair, but lots of it, and this stuff holds my hair great without weighing it down. Great for humidity!
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I probably do need something to weigh down my hair a little.
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The Herbal Essences gels seem to be pretty popular around here. Personally, I'm a big fan of the Herbal Essences Set Me Up gel. It has a good bit of hold, so it should work well in the humidity.
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I have tried several mentioned, and none of them had enough hold for me. None of the Herbal Essences gels had enough hold for me, even though I have fine hair. They all made my frizz up within a few hours, but many on here do like them a lot. They smell good! Re:coil is great if I use it under something, but I can only use a little since it's a bit heavy. Phytodefrisant works great when I straighten my hair, but I couldn't use it alone to style curly. But Re:coil does help enhance my curls. I normally use Batia and Aleeza gel, and it has a great deal of hold without getting crispy. It's very thin and runny and is very easy to apply. I also hear many people recommend Biosilk Rock Hard Gelee for lots of hold.
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If it's as humid there as it is here (I live in Central Texas) then the only thing that will help with the frizz right now is cement! Aaaargh!

I like curl keeper a lot. It seems to help keep the frizz at bay. I'm still trying realllly hard not to touch my hair while it's wet but dang that's hard to do! I do find though that touching it=INSTANT frizz. Wah!
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You might like the Herbal Essence Set Me Up gel, or if you really have frizz issues in the humidity, then Biosilk Rock Hard gel might be the one for you. Among my favorites are B&A gel, Abba Weightless, and HE SMU gel, but I think my frizz is rather minimal and the humidity isn't too terrible right now.
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I'm liking Biosilk Rock Hard Gelee. Great hold! But warning, it gets crunchy.
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I was using HE Body Envy in the colder weather, but now that it's getting a little warmer and more humid, that gel doesn't have enough hold for me. I'm going back to FX Special Effects Curl Booster Gel, which has GREAT hold. I get it at CVS. It's about five or six dollars, and it comes in a medium-sized yellow bottle with a purple cap.
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