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cosmicfly 04-14-2007 07:57 AM

Hooray for drugstore products!
I've been having pretty good hair days for a couple of weeks using GF Sleek & Shine leave in and the last of my stash of Aussie Gel +Water. I ran out of Too Shea the other day and needed a conditioner to hold me over while I wait for my Too Shea to arrive. I was looking at the Aussie products trying to find the replacement for Gel +Water (of course, I can't find it anywhere :? ), and I picked up some Aussie Moist conditioner and some Catch the Wave shampoo to clarify. My hair felt really squeaky after the shampoo, and I was nervous, but the Moist conditioner really performed for me. My hair is soft but not flyaway and I've got bigger clumps than I get when using the Too Shea. I'm pretty sure I'm going to get second day hair, too, as I looked in the mirror and realized that I could go out with my hair like this.

The Moist conditioner also worked well for my daughter- she typically needs more detangling and I need more moisture. I didn't have to use gobs of it to detangle her hair like I do with Suave or VO5. (Too Shea is too heavy for her and I can't seem to bring myself to buy an expensive conditioner for a 2 year old).

I'm thinking I will still need the moisture from the Too Shea, but I am so excited to have found an inexpensive conditioner to alternate with it.

heavengirl410 04-14-2007 08:53 AM

Yay, I love great hair finds at drugstores, anything that is local and has no shipping is always great.

brownilocks 04-15-2007 11:07 AM

Along your same note, I just tried Aussie's Deeep, their new deep condish. It came as a free sample with a box of hair color that I bought. I was out of my regular condish and so tried the Aussie. I found it to be super moisturizing and even left some in. I went out and bought the full sized product from walmart for 2.50. What a bargain for something that works so well!

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