Ok, I did the CG for the first time

So far, so good. I did everything nearly two hours ago, and let my hair air dry. It's not doing anything stupid as of yet, so I'm fairly pleased. My only problem is with the gel I used--it might make my hair too crunchy. However, it's a partial victory for me and I'm pretty happy with my results.

I would like to put a clip to pull the front part of my hair away from my fact. At what point in the process should I put the clip in my hair? Wet? Dry? Somewhere in between? I know this sounds silly but I soooooo don't want my hair to frizz
If you think your gel might make you crunchy, just wait (abnd don't touch it) until it's totally dry, then you can just scrunch the crunch out. Usually works.

I can't clip my hair up or anything until it's dry if I want it to stay happy. Handling it while it's drying is a one way ticket to frizz for me.
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Thanks for the tips! I'll just pack the clip with me and put it on in the office, then.

This morning I wet my hair, conditioned it, and detangled it in the shower, followed by my post-shower routine. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for today
Good luck! Sometimes the cg routine can take a few diff. trial & errors before you get it "just right"

I always clip my hair wet and take it out when my hair is almost dry. Clipping it dry wouldn't do me any good since my hair has already dried into its shape.
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