Holding Style?

I have finally found products that work for my hair, giving me the chunky curls I have been trying for. The only problem is the curls are a little soft, and after a few hours the style is not holding. By the end of the day it does not look like it did at first. I thought perhaps someone might have suggestions on how I could hold the style? I have tried one spray gel, the set me up one. It works okay but not great. I was not sure if there was a good hairspray, one that is not drying/CG friendly? Any other thoughts? I am not on CG but I do like to use CG friendly products.

The products I am using are (1) Leaving in a little of my Mop condtioner (2) Recoil (3) Joico Whip Mousse.

I have tried adding BRHG to the combo, to see if it would help with the hold but it did not look as good

Thanks for your help.
Have you thought of adding a little LOOB to the mix? If you only use a little bit (a finger dip) it really helps with hold and doesn't get too crunchy. The joiwhip actually helps keep the crunch down - plus when it's dry any crunch you might have will scrunch out very easily. I have had really good luck with this - might be worth a try?
If you focus on the negative not only is that what you'll see, that's what you'll be.
I have tried LOOB, not with this combination though. I tried it witha gel and frankly was not that impressed. Perhaps I can try it with this. Do you use it first?

Anyone else have any thoughts?
I just received my re:curl, so I haven't tried my routine with it yet - but I rinse upside down, gently squeeze, thenuse a softball size blob of joiwhip, then a finger-dip of LOOB. I do all of this upside down with pretty wet hair. then I squeeze/scrunch it through and scrunch with a MF towel. I spray a little root lifter in the top and then diffuse with the pixicurl method. I think diffusing this way really helps the clumps stay together better.
If you focus on the negative not only is that what you'll see, that's what you'll be.
I tried this morning with LOOB. I did it this order
2. Recoil
3. Joiwhip

I do diffuse the Pixie Curl Method. I still found that it was not very good. The hold might be better but the curls were worse. It looked better without the LOOB I think. I will try again tomorrow just to see

Does anyone else have any hold ideas?

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